Discover How to Drastically
Reduce Anxiety in the Next 24hrs - Using 7 Obscure Lifestyle Hacks


My name is Ian Lewis and in this short article you are going to discover 7 obscure techniques to dramatically reduce anxiety in the next 24 hours… (I’ll bet your doctor didn’t tell you about these!)

By the time you have finished reading you will know:  

·       How to Instantly reduce anxiety using a secret “breathing” technique

·       How to discover your anxiety triggers – and how to thwart them

·       A Simple way to enjoy yourself and reduce Anxiety at the same time

·       Why taking time out for yourself is the greater good for everyone

·       The Food types you must reduce or avoid to get your Anxiety under control

·       Why you should ensure you get sufficient rest

·       Why you should avoid being the victim of vitamin deficiencies

·       Which drinks are actually increasing your Anxiety… and what to drink instead

But before I share those 7 tips with you I want to tell you the astonishing true story about how I figured this out. Don’t worry it won’t take long...

Anxiety made my mind a horrible place to be...

I used to suffer with Anxiety. And when I say “Suffer” I do mean that quite literally! My head was an awful place to be. In fact, I not only had anxiety but I also used to have Panic attacks, stress, depression and the behavioral issues that came with them, such as irritability, frustration and sometimes anger.

 These issues harmed my relationships and job prospects, as I found myself becoming more and more introverted as time went by. Anxiety was causing me to make irrational decisions which were ruining my life.

I remember the time I had an important meeting to attend with my boss.
I got so anxious about it that I ended up calling in sick for the rest of the week!

Anxiety was a great hindrance to life itself

When I returned to work, I discovered that he only wanted to see me to discuss my pay scale and responsibilities, but I missed out to one of my colleagues due to my unexpected anxiety absence.

Anxiety also put a great strain on my marriage. My wife couldn’t understand why I refused to attend perfectly ordinary social events. I’d make some lame excuse, but the truth was that I was frightened of having an anxiety attack, as I’d either have to leave the gathering suddenly or risk looking foolish in front of others, something I wasn’t prepared to risk.

I felt ashamed of myself. Ashamed that I could not live a “normal” life and do some of the simple things in life which were expected of me.

Ashamed that I felt “different”, unable to fit in, socialise or make many friends. 

Ashamed that my mind didn’t work like other peoples. Ashamed of how I’d react abnormally to situations and ashamed that I felt I was going insane, but daren’t tell anyone about this.

My anxiety was causing me to make decisions which appeared totally irrational to others, yet I always managed to conjure up some explanation for my behavior!

Let me ask you a question: How do you feel about others when they act irrationally? Well, other people will be thinking unkind thoughts about you when your behavior appears irrational to them. People will talk about you to others behind your back, or worse still, to your face.

They will judge you and may not want to socialize with you.

Only anxiety sufferers (past or present) tend to understand other anxiety sufferers.

Devastating Side Effects

I do know that Anxiety affects us all differently, and whilst the symptoms can have common features, the actual triggers and reactions do vary from person to person.

For me, the lowest point of my anxiety suffering was when I had 8 weeks (sick) off of work to recover from a particularly bad period of Anxiety, Panic and stress.

(The Doctor couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with me and could only offer anti-depressants. I instinctively knew they were not the answer and knowing what I know now, I am really pleased that I didn’t touch them!)

In hindsight, it was going through some sort of breakdown. During this sick leave, I was scared, very scared. I was worried about my future. Would I ever lead a normal life again? What was wrong with me?

On one particularly bad day, I was so frightened and worried that it brought on a severe panic attack… I didn’t know what it was at the time and thought I was actually having a heart attack, due to the breathing issues and tightness in my chest. 

Goodbye Anxiety - Hello Happiness

Well, fortunately this was quite some time ago and I no longer suffer. I have managed to escape my own personal hell caused by anxiety, and now lead a normal, happy life. I am not restricted by anxiety any longer and my relationships at home, work and socially have improved beyond recognition.

As that 80’s song goes “I’m not the man I used to be” – but in a very good way!

Choices About The Future

I basically had a choice back then. I could either resign myself to a lifetime of being a victim of my own anxious mind, or I could do something about it.

As my Doctor was unable to provide any real help and I didn’t want to get hooked on dangerous medications, I took matters into my own hands.

I started by reading copious amounts of text on the subject. I read medical journals & publications, library books, articles on the internet and anything else I could get my eager paws on! A lot of what I read turned out to be theoretical tosh from so-called experts - who spent most of their energy trying to categorize everything, rather than offering real, workable solutions.

So my search then moved into the direction of more traditional and natural cures for anxiety. And this is where I discovered real solutions that not only actually worked, but most of which have absolutely no risk in terms of side effects!


Eureka! The End of Anxiety!

Finally I had found the solutions to the age-old anxiety problem!

I couldn’t help but wonder why my Doctor hadn’t told me about these remedies.

But knowing what I know now, about how medical professionals frequently receive payments from Pharmaceutical companies for pushing their pills (a corrupt yet apparently legal way to push drugs en-masse) it all makes sense.

So I collated information that had a proven track record of workability with anxiety sufferers. I used much of it myself and have never looked back. This body of knowledge has already helped many people and what I’d like to do here is share 7 simple yet effective techniques with you so that you can dramatically reduce your own anxiety in the next 24 hours…

7 Simple Techniques You can use right now to Dramatically Reduce Anxiety in 24 hours or less:

1) Control your breathing:  If you feel anxious, panicky or notice any irregularity with your breathing (especially short shallow breaths or “Hyperventilation”), do this breathing exercise immediately: Exhale as far as you can, pause for 2 seconds, then take a slow, deep breath in through your nose which pushes your stomach out; followed by a pause for a couple of seconds, then a slow exhalation through your mouth, bringing your stomach back in. Repeat this process until you feel the anxiety has passed.

2) Discover your triggers and thwart them: Only you will know who and what these are in your life. When you feel your anxiety, panic or stress levels increasing, as well as doing the breathing exercise above, look for the “Trigger” which set the process into motion. Once identified, you have a number of courses of action available to you:
    a) Change your mind about it: You may come to realize that the perceived threat in present time is actually based on a past event which was painful, either physically or emotionally. The current anxiety symptoms are your body’s way of protecting you from a recurrence of pain. But the new situation is not the same as the past, painful one. So becoming anxious is not the correct response. If you can correctly locate the previous source of pain and are able to see that the current situation is not the same, the anxiety should dissipate.
    b) Change the situation: If the source of anxiety can be handled or controlled (e.g. by asking someone to adjust their behavior towards you) then this may nip the problem in the bud. Most people are inherently good and if they realize they are causing you distress, most will stop at once.
    c) Avoid the situation: This is not a good solution in the long term, but may help you now. If you cannot control or change your mind about something, it may be best to simply avoid it until you feel able to tackle it.

3) Eat a well balanced diet and drink lots of water: Eating healthy and nutritious foods is a beneficial way to reduce anxiety. The more you look after yourself, the better you will feel. Try to avoid fast foods, foods high in additives, chemicals, sugar and excessive carbohydrates.  As well as the well-documented health benefits of drinking lots of water, this simple technique can quickly and easily reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Being hydrated reduces risk of headache and other uncomfortable feelings, including the onset of anxiety.

4) Take sufficient vitamins & minerals: Due to mass production of foods nowadays, they are often lacking in the vitamins and minerals that the human body requires for optimum performance. When the body is lacking in certain vitamins, it begins to crave them and deplete other vitamin levels too, making you feel uncomfortable and potentially triggering anxiety. Therefore, taking additional vitamins will boost your well-being and reduce anxiety levels

5) Avoid Stimulants wherever possible: This may not be feasible for you but if you can avoid stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, sports drinks, nicotine, alcohol and drugs, your mind will be more balanced and anxiety should reduce accordingly.

6) Get some exercise! You don’t have to go to the gym or put yourself through a strenuous workout… taking an enjoyable walk can be highly beneficial to anxiety sufferers, particularly if you can do it in nice surroundings such as a nature reserve, woodlands or near the sea.

7) Get sufficient rest, relaxation and sleep: Taking time out for you is of the upmost importance when looking to reduce anxiety. Power naps are good for you and for calming the mind. Even if you can’t sleep, resting in a peaceful space for 15-30 minutes will provide a welcome respite from the fast pace of modern life, allowing the stress and anxiety levels to reduce before you get back to the daily routine.  And at night, aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep, more if you need it.

Apply as many of these 7 Tips as you can - right away - for your own results

Apply as many of these 7 tips as you can, starting right now – and within 24 hours, your anxiety levels will have greatly reduced.

And don’t go thinking that you shouldn’t take the time out to work on yourself.  It’s not at all selfish because the more you look after yourself, the more of an asset you become to both yourself and others in the long run.

Please note: These are quick and easy methods to reduce anxiety. They will not cure you, but they will give you fast relief. You may have also noticed that they are physical rather than mental methods. The latter tend to take longer and I don’t have the space to cover them all here.

Follow the Blueprint to Beat Anxiety - Forever!

Now whilst these tips are OK, they're nothing like what I can really show you.

The bag of tricks I've developed from the many years I've spent researching anxiety provides you with a "Holistic" approach, meaning that it deals with the mind, body and spirit - to give you the truly long-term, life-changing results that you desire.

From the extensive research that I did, I ended up creating a blueprint for Anxiety sufferers, to help them to also lead happy and fulfilling lives.  

I’ve already shared it with a few lucky people and I’ve made 100% sure others could get the kinds of results I did. Here’s what they said...


Hi Ian, 

I have found all your inspiring information out of this world.  The past years have been full of severe anxiety and rocketed when my mom passed away a year ago.  You put all your helpful ideas in such simple words that I always look forward to your mail.  I am delighted with all and am on my road to wellness.

Thanks again. Stephanie Ireland


Dear Ian,

Your emails started coming to me last winter when I was suffering unbearable anxiety and depression. Your words were comforting and gave me hope.  You come across as a very real person who is passionate about what he is doing. I admire you for that and thank you for your wealth of knowledge that allows me to ponder. We all can stand to work on ourselves from time to time. The way you say things puts me at ease to do the work and make the changes necessary to lead a more fulfilling life. 

Thank you so much. Suzy Christensen


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the book - it has come in very handy to practise the anxiety reducing techniques. The book is an upbeat, practical and informative guide to recognising different forms of anxiety and how to deal with them. Well done!



Hi Ian,

I have found  your email's to be very good for me in everyday life. As a person who suffered from anxiety a lot, I now find myself a lot more relaxed and not getting uptight like I use to. I now go through my day in a more relaxed manner and I find myself with more energy as well and it's all down to your tips. Thanks Ian for your help in making my life more enjoyable.

L.R. Dublin Ireland


Hi Ian, 

I just want to say thanks for all your info; it is better help than most doctors - they just hear a little and prescribe a lot! You have shown me that I am not alone and that I can beat this. I felt (until I listened to you) that I was lacking somewhere in my life and head but now I am seeing that it was there all the time, now I am learning from you how to go about  understanding and dealing with it, and it is nothing that drop out of the sky and personally hit me in the head!  So again, thanks. You can use my name because I am not ashamed anymore.  Through listening to you, I understand it is inherent and can be cured without taking medications that make you a zombie. I appreciate you.  

Thanks,  Michael Woods - Atlanta, USA


Hello Ian, 

I look forward to your emails  every week for a new tip on how to help this brutal anxiety I suffer from and am willing to try anything... It helps me even more to know that I’m not alone because you describe all the things I feel.  I need to thank you for your emails every week and I hope to keep them coming.  They really do help and I look forward to a new tip each time.               

LR.    MA United States.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your help and your ebook is great... 



Hi Ian,

I must say that I came upon your website by sheer accident.  I was researching some positive attitude information and your website popped up!  I have personally found the motivational weekly emails you send to be very beneficial to me.  In today's world, if one does not continuously fight against the "anxieties of life" they can very easily become "stressed out".                                  Your weekly motivational tips have done just that for me.  Keep up the good work of helping people to become "better" not "bitter"!                             

Sincerely,  Beverly Ford (Delaware)


Hello Ian,

Thank you so much for your newsletter every week it has helped me so much. Anxiety has been a big part of my life for many years. Your book is very informative. It goes into great detail of cures for the illness. I have learned now how to control it much better. Previously when I would feel the anxiety coming on I would run from it which I know now only makes it worse. I have also learned to relax more which I found so hard to do before.

Yours Sincerely, B Rothwell (Ireland - Co Wexford)

These are genuine, verifiable testimonials from real people.

As you can see it doesn’t have to be difficult to be free from Anxiety.

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Ian Lewis


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