How to obtain relief from Anxiety

Anxiety Relief should be high on your list of wants if you are a sufferer. Anxiety is a debilitating illness which lowers the effectiveness of your immune system to ward off other illnesses. High levels of stress can contribute to a high level of anxiety.

However, as it is impossible to avoid stress altogether, it becomes a necessity to manage our stress and tension levels using proven techniques. Anxiety relief usually comes from within and the measures taken will also free you from stress and tensions.

There are several easy methods to manage our stress and obtain relief from anxiety:

1) Identify the factors which trigger your stress and anxiety and thereby seek ways of avoiding their occurrence in the first place. Grab a pen and paper. Think about all things that make you feel anxious or stressed and write them down. Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10,  with 1 having a small effect upon you but 10 having a large adverse affect.  Then decide which factors to address on a priority basis. Should you avoid, run or fight this situation in future?

Each triggering factor identified may need a combination of solutions; counselling may be one of them.  Anxiety relief in such cases is possible only with your hard work and perseverance.


2) The role of natural anxiety relief measures cannot be overlooked.

There are many natural anxiety relief measures available for you to utilise:

a) Give yourself a Well Balanced Diet

         Ensure you get a well balanced diet: to include protein, vitamins, minerals, fresh fruit and vegetables, wherever possible.

         Try not to over-eat, under-eat or binge on food. Little and often keeps the body running

         Drink lots of fresh water. It keeps your system hydrated and can help avoid the uncomfortable feelings of dehydration, such as headache.

b) Make time for relaxation. Rests are very important in order for the body to function properly and to avoid getting “burnt out”. Ensure you take breaks from work. Any break is better than no break and if you can find a quiet space in which to relax then so much the better.

You could also take up relaxation classes, do yoga or breathing exercises, both of which will improve your condition and give you relief from anxiety.

c) Exercise: It almost goes without saying that exercise will benefit anxiety sufferers as much if not more so than other people. There are numerous and plentiful suggestions to keep fit out there, so find an exercise program that suits you.

d) Avoid Stimulants. I am going to list now a number of stimulants. The problem with these items is that they boost you up initially, but as their impact wears off, you come down with a crash. This can leave you feeling drained and more anxious than you were before. Many of them also cause more adrenalin than is required to enter into your bloodstream, which is the primary cause of many anxiety symptoms.

Avoid: Caffeine, Processed Sugar, Energy Drinks, Alcohol, Nicotine and Drugs.

If you have an addiction to any of these, seek help in breaking that addiction.

e) Get enough sleep. Anxiety and worry can cause loss of valuable sleeping hours. And lack of sleep can also contribute to anxiety, so it’s a vicious circle.

Ensure you get enough sleep each night and make it a regular routine for long-term results.

f) Family and Work Relationships: How do you interact with others in the family and work environment? Develop a "give and take" attitude to eradicate differences and reduce anxiety levels.

g) Reduce Anger: Manage your anger, as it is potentially a big trigger for increased anxiety.

h) Patience and Tolerance: Two of the well known positive traits that will help us to reduce anxiety levels. Though difficult to acquire these positive characters, add these parameters in your actions and thoughts.

Although each tip on its own will benefit you,

adopt all of these methods for the best results.



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