5 Quick Ways To Prevent Anxiety Attacks


Most Doctors agree that the best way to prevent anxiety attacks are simple self-help principles which you can easily do yourself. Being able to prevent anxiety attacks for yourself will give your self confidence a massive boost and help to avert any future attacks.


Around a third of us will have suffered from an anxiety or panic attack at some point in our lives. They can be very frightening experiences which are borne out of the body’s normal physiological response mechanism to dealing with danger. When faced with a potentially threatening situation, the body automatically readies itself for danger by producing adrenaline. This is known as the "flight or fight" response which is a survival instinct much more appropriate for our ancestors than to the stresses we face today.


In order to help minimise these attack inducing responses, use the following tips in your life.


1)  Reduce Stress Levels in Your Life.

Stress often precedes anxiety so it follows that if you reduce your stress levels you also reduce the amount of anxiety attacks you suffer.

To reduce stress, some of the next 4 tips will help but also do the following:

·        Determine what causes stress in your life and look to reduce or eliminate it

·        Are there things you do that you do not need to do? Re examine your goals and stop doing things that are not helping you achieve them, wherever possible.

·        If other personnel in your life are the cause of your stress, get the situation handled. This is a whole subject in itself and outside the scope of this article


2)  Eat, drink and consume healthily.

A good diet will help to keep the body in optimum condition. Avoid additives and chemically enhanced food and drink wherever possible. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and processed sugars as these can produce unwanted chemical reactions within the body.

Try to drink lots of fresh water every day to keep the body hydrated, as dehydration can induce anxiety symptoms.


3) Get Regular Exercise

Do what you can - it does not have to be physically demanding. Try going for a half hour walk three or four times a week. There are plenty of exercise tips out there and if the weather is bad, cleaning your house can be a good way to exercise.


4) Find the Causes of your Anxiety

List the people, places and things that seem to cause your anxiety. Think about them in turn. Are they rational thoughts?  Can the causes be controlled by you in some way? Can you avoid, adjust or change the causes? Look for a plan to tackle each cause and when it arises again you will feel more in control of the situation and less anxious.


5) Lifestyle Improvements

Try to lead a positive, balanced and constructive life.

·        Establish your goals and work towards them

·        Join a group with similar goals to your own

·        Be positive in attitude. When negative thoughts come into your mind, scrutinise them. Are they rational? Negative thoughts can inhibit your wellbeing so see them for what they are.

·        Live and let live. Trying to change others is a fruitless and frustrating task which should be avoided.

·        Do not harm others or break the law.  Doing either will increase your anxiety and your levels of fear (of reprisal or punishment) will increase.


These 5 tips can easily be incorporated into your life and will quickly reduce your stress levels which in turn minimises the risk or anxiety attacks. Tailor them to your life for quick results.


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