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Valuable Resources to Help Combat Anxiety Symptoms

Valuable self-help resources to fight Anxiety One mannerism of anxiety sufferers is that they worry too much over things which most people do not. The affects their general fitness and well-being badly.  In some cases, medications prescribed by doctors can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. However, they do not cure it in the long term […]


Why Use Beta Blockers For Anxiety Treatment?

The use of Beta blockers for anxiety treatment is common practice. They are prescription drugs that are used to treat heart conditions and because one of the more noticeable symptoms of anxiety is an irregular heartbeat, beta blockers are used to combat this symptom. Whilst they do not cure stress as such, beta blockers work to reduce the many bodily symptoms of stress. Stage fright is not treatable by using beta blockers, although many try to use it as such.

Beta blockers do not stop anxiety directly although it seriously reduces the physical signs of anxiety. The tablets may however help patients gain more control of themselves which can assist them in reducing the actual anxiety.


Should Hypnotherapy Treatments be used on Anxiety Patients?

The use of Hypnotherapy to cure anxiety is performed by licensed health professionals who have received specialist training for this exact purpose. Hypnotherapy involves placing the subject into a state of hypnosis or a “trance”, where they do not respond to anything but the therapist’s guidance. In this particular state, the patient will have the ability to focus his or her attention to specific tasks or thoughts thus, reducing anxiety in performing said tasks. But this type of treatment does not come without risks to the patient.


Social Anxiety Disorder Treatments

Social anxiety disorder or “social phobia” is more prevalent than you may think. People with this disorder experience many negative symptoms such as fear, worry and in extreme cases a full-blown panic attack. This goes far beyond normal fears and worries and is a crippling disorder that leaves them almost incapable of operating normally. Here we discuss effective treatments for the disorder to see how they can be beaten.