Why Use Beta Blockers For Anxiety Treatment?

Beta Blockers For Anxiety: The Pro’s & Con’s

The use of Beta blockers for anxiety treatment is common practice. They are prescription drugs that are used to treat heart conditions and because one of the more noticeable symptoms of anxiety is an irregular heartbeat, beta blockers are used to combat this symptom. Whilst they do not cure stress as such, beta blockers work to reduce the many bodily symptoms of stress. Stage fright is not treatable by using beta blockers, although many try to use it as such.

Beta blockers do not stop anxiety directly although it seriously reduces the physical signs of anxiety. The tablets may however help patients gain more control of themselves which can assist them in reducing the actual anxiety.beta blockers for anxiety

Beta blockers can produce side effects and these vary greatly from person to person. The more frequent side effects tend to be fatigue, dizziness, weakness, cold hands and cold feet. A very small percentage pf people using beta blockers may encounter extremely adverse side-effects such as loss of appetite and sex drive, depression, breathing issues and sleep problems. Beta blockers for anxiety should not be taken without the doctor’s prescription because its side effects can lead to asthma, slow heart rate or even heart failure. Cessation of the use of beta blockers should also be done after seeking medical advice as in some cases there may be complications.

Beta blockers may upset the balance of melatonin in your system. Given this situation and an ample amount of stress, the adrenal glands receive more strain on them which, in the long run, can produce unwanted side effects. Therefore, they should be seen as a temporary treatment to simply help reduce the symptoms but not as a long term crutch or cure.

It is therefore recommended that anxiety, stress and depression be treated using natural methods as these specific methods do not have any side effects. In the long term, natural methods are better than drugs or medications as long as you also seek counselling to find the actual source of your anxiety and panic attacks. Some patients cannot see a way to come off of their medications but should seek medical advice to see if there is a cessation option whilst seeking therapy.

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