Should Hypnotherapy Treatments be used on Anxiety Patients?

What danger does using hypnotherapy for anxiety present?

The use of Hypnotherapy to cure anxiety is performed by licensed health professionals who have received specialist training for this exact purpose. Hypnotherapy involves placing the subject into a state of hypnosis or a “trance”, where they do not respond to anything but the therapist’s guidance. In this particular state, the patient will have the ability to focus his or her attention to specific tasks or thoughts thus, reducing anxiety in performing said tasks. But this type of treatment does not come without risks to the patient.

With hypnotherapy, anxiety is reduced and the patient or person is open to more discussion and suggestions. It can help cure the patient from any phobia, sleep disorder, fear, depression, grief, loss, stress and more.

However, hypnotherapy is unsuitable for people who have psychotic symptoms especially if the patient experiences hallucinations and delusions.

Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol is also not advised to use hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety or stress. Hypnotherapy can also be utilized to control pain but only when a medical professional has fully evaluated the patient for any disorder—physical or otherwise—that may require any other treatment.

Memories harbored in one’s mind that are not ordinarily accessible by the subject may be contacted under hypnosis. As this hidden data often forms a part of the problem underlying the anxiety, it can be very beneficial in assisting recovery to salvage this data. However, the fact that the subject is in a state of lowered consciousness poses a huge risk. They are unable to evaluate the date contacted correctly and in addition, may be adding the hypnotherapist’s dialogue into their sub-conscious minds. At this point, curing anxiety via hypnotherapy still stands to be controversial.

Whilst the use hypnotherapy to cure anxiety is not really a very dangerous procedure, it is a form of mind control and can cause the patient to become brainwashed. Of course, the hypnotherapist curing the anxious patient cannot make the patient do things based on the therapist’s own bidding (which is what most people fear). The primary danger of hypnotherapy is the creation of false, unwanted data inadvertently placed into the mind of the subject undergoing treatment.

Because of the inherent dangers of using hypnotherapy to cure anxiety, other more natural methods to cure anxiety should be sought as they tend to be much safer. Natural remedies for anxiety are safer and can be just as beneficial as successful hypnotherapy, but without the risk. Best of all, natural methods of curing anxiety tend to produce longer lasting results than those treated by hypnotherapy anxiety. Both CBT and Dianetics are proven techniques to remedy anxiety.

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